Love? Grow the way of noodles eaten on one's birthday, how to do delicious
Annual birthday, besides spending money to buy birthday present, also want to do some of thing for the other side attentively, even if be simple love
I am hand incomplete party, to 7 o'clock from in the morning 40 ability finished at 6 o'clock, carrot wasted 3, last chopsticks word was to engrave several really dissatisfactory, was forced to be replaced with the letter.

With makings 

Egg 1
Noodle Right amount
Do Xianggu mushroom 6
Shredded meat Right amount
Green vegetables 3
On the west orchid Smaller part
Bright shrimp 12
Carrot 3
Garlic 1 valve

Love? Grow the way of noodles eaten on one's birthday 

  1. The way is very simple, in small stick person in.

    Love? The practice measure of macrobian face 1
  2. The face cannot be boiled too soft, fish out unloads cold water too stronger line

    Love? The practice measure of macrobian face 2
  3. Used soup-stock, the flavoring that oneself like is put after be being boiled, also put in dry Xianggu mushroom and green vegetables thoroughly cook meeting more tasty.

    Love? The practice measure of macrobian face 3

Small stick person

? : Carrot buys big, both sides cuts those who make the same score, again half-and-half dissections, boil a little a bit softer, convenient carve characters on a seal. Especially to the novice, I engrave this not how, without appropriate knife, also can go up in the net ahead of schedule mould of try to win sb's favor.
? : Bright shrimp goes first - housing - shrimp line, with cooking wine, unripe smoke, unripe pink mixes divide evenly tasty 10 minutes, orchid rips Cheng Xiaoduo to clean agent bubble 30 minutes to be washed clean again with fruit vegetables on the west. Water is burned, scald a minute of fish out, bit of salt is put when scald water.
? : Boiler burns powder of the garlic below oil to fry since sweet, put shelled fresh shrimps to break up fry, put finally on the west orchid, do not put salt, upright dish when scatter right amount black pepper.
? Xianggu mushroom is met with what work a bit sweeter.
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