The practice of French old range, how is French old range done delicious
Method area old area is having special local color, aid ferment etc

The 10% ~ that the individual recommends use scale to be flour 15%

With makings 

Tall muscle flour or T55 flour 250 grams
Do yeast 1.7 grams
Water (15-20 ℃ ) 175 grams
Salt 2.5 grams

The practice of French old range 

  1. Water + mix of rejoin flour low speed is even after yeast is deliquescent

    The practice measure of French old range 1
  2. Join agitate of saline high speed to come smooth condition, (it is about 7 spend into muscle, have film, indentation)

    The practice measure of French old range 2
  3. This condition is OK,
    OK in the winter first room temperature is helped 30 minutes ferment,
    Put cold storage 12 hours again above is used

    Summer refrigerates 12 hours of above to use directly
    It is for normal circumstance give out inside 3 days

    Exhaustless can put in refrigerant freezer sealed save a month
    After cold storage defrost is being put first before using reuse

    If old range is hearing acidity too big, cannot reuse

    The practice measure of French old range 3

Small stick person

If use T55 flour to be able to reduce the water of 10 grams
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