Contain the method of pumpkin face, abstain pumpkin face how to be done delicious
Having golden the powerful colour as the autumn, let a person look to have the interest that wants to taste, added pumpkin mud to enter noodle, nutrient respect must not say, taste respect, have the light sweet taste of pumpkin, after thoroughlying cook, noodle mouthfeel is compared general whole wheat area wants kind a few, suit child or old people edible very much.

With makings 

Pumpkin mud 200 grams
380 grams
2 grams

Contain the method of pumpkin face 

  1. After pumpkin evaporate is ripe, press into mud, mix all material again even, knead a group

  2. dough cent becomes two, roll becomes a state (as far as possible roll is thin, wear away easily otherwise machine) , put noodle machine to press face mouth again, pass 3 times with first gear, again right after folding, convert 3 archives pass 3 times, if meantime noodle is wetter, above even brush a dry flour, prevent adhesion, I like to eat bit thicker noodle, after so 3 archives are over too OK, those who like book dot is OK reoccupy 4 archives, 5 archives pass

  3. Noodle overwhelms after the ply that oneself want, put tangent plane mouth, cut a noodle, after noodle has been cut, scatter equably on powder, prevent adhesion, pumpkin noodle has been done

  4. Can make a point more, do not eat, with last bag is sealed, put freezer compartment, when eating, take boil directly with respect to OK

2020-02-14 JP