The practice of side of pumpkin seafood meaning, how to do delicious
Streak goes to Italian seaside going vacationing before, be in a small shop accidentally in eat so a seafood meaning area that added pumpkin and cherry tomato, flavour Jing admires to be no good, it is to eat what goods eats since travel wander from place to place and earn a living by juggling most the most delicate seafood meaning side! Came back to consider did, sensory mouthfeel very close, the ~ ~ that share

With makings 

Spaghetti Spaghetti 100-120g
Sweetgrass or sweet green are broken (dry herb is broken)
Shelled fresh shrimps
A certain number of
1/4 root
Cherry tomato
Olive oil
2-3 big spoon
4 valve
Caraway or sweet green are broken (dry herb is broken)

The practice of side of pumpkin seafood meaning 

  1. Side of the meaning that boil, salt of one small spoon is added after water boils, olive oil of one big spoon, put next

    , medium baking temperature opens a lid to boil 8 minutes to come without hard core.

  2. Olive oil is put after boiler burns heat, back-to-back move is put with press garlic implement the garlic Chengdu that has pressed is fried sweet.

  3. Put shelled fresh shrimps to break up fry, add white spirit of one small spoon, continue to put pumpkin piece, cherry tomato one analyse two also put along with all the others partly.

  4. Join salt, pepper flavors, wait for shelled fresh shrimps to become angry, after pumpkin molten, 3 big spoon boil rejoin the water in which noodles have been boiled of meaning side.

  5. When Shang Zhigun leaves, put the meaning side that has boiled to continue again small fire stew boils a minute, make meaning side inspiratory the flavour of soup juice.

  6. Mix is even, scatter on caraway or sweet green are broken, can give boiler. Scatter on like doing sweetgrass to break delicious.

Small stick person

Lukewarm oil fries garlic to won't be papered, the garlic that paste fries below high temperature can send suffering.

Scatter on cheese pink mixes divide evenly, entrance fragrance is more full-bodied oh ~
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