The practice of tomato egg face, how is tomato egg face done delicious
Still remember " next kitchens " piggy classmate asks me, "Bright and beautiful. Dining room " the meaning with special what does name of this rich guest have? I say: Do not have, just want a kind kind the feeling of smooth fact, took this name so. Saw the movie till me " mew dining room " , xing Hui says: "What I should leave is not cafeteria, it is a dining room, more of close to person, just come in incidentally when transient doorway eat a meal... " . This obdurate small fairy realizes my dream in the film, see this movie a lot of moment are immersed in absentminded, always feel oneself are before cooking range be sure to boils boiled girl that, and this dining room, it is the setting in imagining with me is not had really 2 send!
Saying with friends all the time, if have an opportunity later, I should open to be full of the milk of human kindness small shop, can be a bookshop,
House, drug-store, cake house, bistro is waited a moment on the west, area need not very big, must bright, sunshine is aspersed come in to enlighten small cup of bowl bowl small cup, desk and chair of the floor tile of guileless, log, greenery, the foot issues 9 lackadaisical big cats, those who go is the guest of acquaintanceship, provide simple and fresh food, appraise appraise the daily life of a family, talk about the Eight Diagrams, sun Dong Shengxi falls, such one day is about to go, the dream also should be smooth and steady.
There had been a such stores in memory, the Dai Sunxian when the university gives birth to a downstair small noodle shop, the proprietress is the woman of a plump enthusiasm, affable ground is entertained, receive Zhang deftly, we call her eldest sister, she always is answering bright and clearly. The person is little afternoon, she loves to play the game of pen celestial being with young fellow, the mumble in the mouth: "Celestial being of pen of pen celestial being, do you say store in a few guests are there now? Oh, two ah, you said to be opposite! " respecting this, I cannot help sneer phonate, warm complacently is in whole inn then, be full of food sweet smell and great affection.
It is He Xinghui, small green, child euqally innocent and tough woman, not chill, do not cater to, this kind holds to, extremely extravagant. Small green favor asking favour: "If tomorrow is doomsday, what can you do? " Xing Hui says: "Eat a lot of delicious, make best friend one case " , one greens one meal, live simply, this is our everybody the mew dining room in the heart.

With makings 

Fine dried noodles
Right amount
Right amount
Right amount
Tomato sand manages
One spoon
One teaspoon
One teaspoon
Cooking wine
A few
Water starch
Right amount

The practice of tomato egg face 

  1. Tomato is abluent, put the moment in rolling water, fish out flay, stripping and slicing reserves

  2. The egg infiltrates in the bowl, add garlic of break up of a few cooking wine, green mincing

  3. A few oil is put inside boiler, enter egg fluid, in a way is fried medicinal powder, multiply piece

  4. Garlic issueing green is broken explode sweet, the tomato that add a person is fried soft fry juice giving soup, join an egg to fry divide evenly

  5. Add department of sand of salt, candy, tomato to flavor, add in a way of starch of a few water to tick off Gorgon euryale finally

  6. The face that boil, a few salt is added in rolling water, next fine dried noodles thoroughly cook fish out, drench on tomato egg thick gravy used as a sauce for noodles is become namely

Small stick person

Break up of a few liquor is added in the egg, break up by normal step next fry, can make egg mouthfeel more tender slippery.
Salt is added when the face that boil, boil the face mouthfeel interest that give to.
Tomato is ironed in rolling water can relaxed flay.
It is crucial that tomato fries an egg to add candy, can promote fresh and tender degree with mouthfeel.
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