The practice of miscellaneous fish Bao austral Fujian, how is miscellaneous fish Bao done south Fujian delicious
Live in Guangdong all the year round, stay on the concept of the food that mom makes only to Fujian dish. The stomach still is home town flavour, taste is north and south is mixed already however build. Before paragraph time is in Xiamen, the family asks me: You are Fujian person, can that do miscellaneous fish Bao? !
The world cate kisses, for me what make to liking cate each new dish form is opportunity of a study, what is more,the rather that I am Hu Jian's person, must meet of course ha, won't I also must learn.
This dish is done is Zuo really sweet clinking, super go with rice is breathed out, so the decision is shared, the first time write cookbook, be extremely of the intention, insufficient place asks much excuse.
The ability in the process that do remembers take a picture, the leakage in front, grab from the back patted a few pieces, see literal head fill.

With makings 

Fish of sea of fresh small impurities 400 grams
Jiang Qie is chip Many somes
Steaky pork
100 grams
3 valve
Oyster sauce
2 spoon
Unripe smoke
2 spoon
Often smoke
0.5 spoon
Right amount
Gallinaceous essence
Right amount
Cooking wine
2 spoon

The practice of miscellaneous fish Bao austral Fujian 

  1. (here took a piece of picture less) steaky pork cuts chip and even shop to be by arenaceous boiler (bespread as far as possible) small fire stir-fry before stewing gives oil, ginger cuts chip shop to be above steaky pork a bit stir-fry before stewing is sweet, (steaky pork takes an in part stand-by) go up the store of small impurities fish that clears away clean again small fire simmer in water finalizes the design 3 minutes two.

    The practice measure of miscellaneous fish Bao austral Fujian 1
  2. The steaky pork that remains on the code on piscine body still has pigskin, (my home does not eat pigskin, it is to cut what should throw originally, such doing it is OK also to do not eat, do not waste again) put garlic piece, green knot

    The practice measure of miscellaneous fish Bao austral Fujian 2
  3. Unripe smoke, often smoke, candy, cooking wine, gallinaceous essence, oyster sauce adds water to mix smooth in pouring boiler, sauce should have done not have piscine body, big baked wheaten cake leaves, in turning small fire stew 20 minutes, turn again conflagration receives juice 5 minutes can, (notice soup juice is not burned dry) one boiler delicacy is sweet delicate miscellaneous fish Bao gives boiler.

    The practice measure of miscellaneous fish Bao austral Fujian 3
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