The practice of biscuit of day type sweetened bean taste, how to do delicious
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" this crust thin stuffing is big, person morale is quite high. It is soft sweet fragile cortical next packages became full stuffing of sweet and exquisite sweetened bean taste, this is the flavour with the particular bread that makes by hand. "
With stuffing of self-restrained sweetened bean taste so not sweet, look at material to greaten in his at hand become fat handmade pleasure is great boundless!

With makings 

Tall muscle flour
3g (one small spoon)
Low muscle flour
3g (? Small spoon)
Fine saccharic
Without saline butter 20g
1 (the 50g after hull)
Stuffing of sweetened bean taste
Adornment uses egg liquid Right amount
Adornment uses sesame seed Right amount

The practice of biscuit of day type sweetened bean taste 

  1. dough material (except fluid of egg of sweetened bean taste, adornment, sesame seed) put bread machine, the choice that start " common biscuit " program, ferment be taken out after the end first. [average order overall length is my face charter flight 3 hours 05 minutes, after be being started take out after]

  2. Break up 9, knead a circle, the Shi Bujing on the lid buy 10 minutes. This moment facilitates cent of sweetened bean taste into spherule wait for meeting bag, a 35g.

  3. Dough ball roll opens binding off of stuffing of the sweetened bean taste on the bag to be down, put in what filled up oilpaper to bake dish inside on the lid wet cloth 30 ℃ wake send 30 minutes, the space that wants obligate to expand was put apart.

    The practice measure of biscuit of day type sweetened bean taste 3
  4. In sending a plan, waking is good so, inter jab leaves a hole (do not expose) , brush on egg fluid is scattered on sesame seed. Put warm-up of 180 ℃

    Inside 12~15 minute, bake take out instantly.

    The practice measure of biscuit of day type sweetened bean taste 4

Small stick person

Before is to write cent to become 8 on the book, my oven can be squeezed a bit in that way, adjust 9, be pressed into round circle, so not flat not quite occupy a space, oven of 30L of as it happens goes out one dish.

Biscuit is baked should take out refrigeration instantly, can absorb hair of lunt surface molten to knit otherwise.
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