Maigre bloat the practice of earnest delicacy, maigre bloat how is earnest delicacy done delicious
Bloat earnest is bright, belong to dish of characteristic of the Han nationality of Changjiang Delta area, it is Shanghai helps dish originally, revive help dish, one of representative famished look are had in Hangzhou side dish.

With makings 

Bamboo shoot
300 grams
Green vegetables
Right amount
Soya bean
Right amount
100 leaves written guarantee 10
Maigre three-layer is soft 1 packet

Maigre bloat the practice of earnest delicacy 

  1. Bamboo shoot hull shucks bamboo shoot garment, wash clean, cut hob piece.

  2. Green vegetables is abluent, three-layer is soft cut chunk.

  3. Soya bean immerses 2 hours, wash clean again.

  4. Put soya bean into made of baked clay canister, add enough water (boil unboiled water is not added between Shang Zhong) , next big baked wheaten cake leaves, tone small fire or slow fire are boiled make 3 hours.

  5. Soup is boiled after making 3 hours, put bamboo shoot, 100 leaves knot, three-layer is soft continue to boil make a hour, in all after 4 hours, add salt, pepper to flavor, put green vegetables can.

Small stick person

Bamboo shoot contains calcium of crude fibre, oxalic acid, reason gastralgia, gastric ulcer, enteritis, calculous patient wants avoid certain food.
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