Evaporate food is convenient, simple, fast, and the cook method that still can withhold nutrient part most. Evaporate dish absolves the worry of lampblack, when eating, can drench according to individual be fond of on olive oil, sesame oil, or a bit oil is not added, add directly salt, vinegar, black peppery wait to flavor simply very delicate also, yes
Reduce weight
Discharge poisonous first selection.

With makings 

Spend dish Half
Corn 1

"Evaporate " take taste bud: Be far from the practice of the relaxed cooked food of lampblack 

  1. Beautiful dish breaks Cheng Xiaoduo (cauline ministry cuts small) ; Carrot cuts small.

  2. All feeding material is put together evaporate is ripe.

Small stick person

All sorts of vegetable evaporate time can offer reference
? Asparagus: 5-8 minute
? On the west orchid: Cauline ministry 7 minutes, coronal ministry 5 minutes
? Carrot: 10-15 minute, decide according to size
? Cauliflower: Cauline ministry 7 minutes, coronal ministry 5 minutes (if evaporate rectifies a need 15-25 minute)
? Corn club: 8-10 minute
? Lima-bean: 4-6 minute
? Tomato patch (stripping and slicing) : 10-15 minute
? Spinach: 2-3 minute
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