The practice of stay of proceedings of piquancy turnip seafood, how to do delicious
Weather is gradually hot rise, appetite of it doesn't matter, it do not know what to eat is good to do not know what to eat, see in the market for nothing the turnip feels particularly cool and refreshing, add same for nothing seafood stay of proceedings, decided ~ adds bit of piquancy to compare go with rice happily

With makings 

Bai Luobo
Seafood stay of proceedings A small
Thick chili sauce of the daily life of a family
Salt, soy
Water starch

The practice of stay of proceedings of piquancy turnip seafood 

  1. White turnip flay is abluent cut hob piece. Seafood stay of proceedings goes the root is abluent reserve

  2. A few oil is added in boiler, turnip piece falls to break up after burning heat fry a few times, drench on a bit soy, asperse a few salt to break up fry, to soy a little chromatically, issue seafood stay of proceedings to break up again fry, spill a few salt again

  3. Add water of smaller part bowl (need not too much, very ripe) , medium baking temperature turns after big baked wheaten cake leaves, stew is controlled 5 minutes, put thick chili sauce of one small spoon to break up fry below, enter water starch to be able to give boiler

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