The practice of meal of Xianggu mushroom polished glutinous rice, how is meal of Xianggu mushroom polished glutinous rice done delicious
The lunch of the National Day, lazy send to now. Want suddenly to eat meal of polished glutinous rice, oneself considered element edition

With makings 

Polished glutinous rice
A bowl small
Xianggu mushroom
A lot of
Tomato patch
Oily salt soy

The practice of meal of Xianggu mushroom polished glutinous rice 

  1. Polished glutinous rice should shift to an earlier date bubble one all night, time grows better more, bad ripe. The water of take out of polished glutinous rice with good bubble puts 15-20 of the evaporate in a pot for steaming food minute, evaporate is ripe can, like to eat to be able to extend time bit more soddenly by oneself, can taste

  2. Evaporate meal when can prepare to distribute food. Xianggu mushroom is abluent go the base of a fruit, cut small to reserve. Potato and carrot also cut small.

  3. Oily boiler enters a bowl of small oil first, potato piece blast falls to come after burning heat golden fish out, a few oil takes in boiler, break up into Xianggu mushroom man and carrot man fry, add soy and salt, break up fry, add a few water, the stew after water leaves enters the potato with good blast to Shang Zhishi of remnant a few piece break up twice to involve fire.

  4. Dish matchs those who had done to add soup juice to irrigate after evaporate of meal of polished glutinous rice is good in the agitate on the meal OK

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