Caraway fries the practice of fabaceous skin, caraway fries fabaceous skin how to be done delicious
I had fallen in love with caraway! ! Do not bar I! ! !

With makings 

Fabaceous skin
Unripe smoke

Caraway fries the practice of fabaceous skin 

  1. Caraway is cut paragraph, fabaceous skin is cut

  2. A few inside boiler is oily, after oil is lukewarm, put the caraway that has cut to break up fry, fry caraway to become angry, after hair is soft, put the fabaceous skin that has cut, continue to break up fry.

  3. Add touch next salt and unripe smoke, break up fry a pan a few times! !

Small stick person

1, if stick boiler, add a few water can.
2020-02-14 JP