The practice of traditional steamed bread of corn, how is traditional steamed bread of corn done delicious
Mom's steamed bread of corn, the broomcorn lever small basket that the great grandfather on early city sells.


With makings 

Corn face
Soya bean face
Right amount

The practice of traditional steamed bread of corn 

  1. The scale of corn face and yellow bean flour is 2:1, mix into is together, add cold water and into dough, the group becomes nest nest figure, go up boiler evaporate 25 minutes. Can, (if steamed bread of corn is big some more time)

  2. How to do without soya bean face?
    1. takes soya bean abluent bubble one evening.
    2, before evaporate, add water to be hit into soya bean paste
    3, mix evaporate with corn face again.

  3. If want to eat a bit more loose how to do?
    1, with right amount yeasty water and dough
    2, after appearance of the round nest that become a nest, put evaporate of fire of the reopen after fermenting inside boiler.

  4. If think entail much effort of a bit how to do?
    1, with a bit bit more very hot water knead dough, do not add yeasty water to ferment.

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