The practice of black winter cover, how is black winter cover done delicious
Very simple delicate noodles in soup, suit
Food taken late at night
Or have a poor appetite when compensatory, without any burdens. . .

With makings 

Black winter cover
1 bag
Deepfry bean curd 1/2 piece
20 grams
Very light blue
Right amount
Juice of day type cold face 1 big spoon

The practice of black winter cover 

  1. Water of carrot section scald, cut after spinach scald water inch paragraph; Deepfry bean curd is ironed with boiling water soft;

  2. Cold face juice is added in face bowl, irruptive boiled water is moved into bottom of water in which noodles have been boiled;

  3. Black winter cover is put 2 ~ are boiled 3 minutes in boiling water, fish out puts face bowl, add deepfry bean curd, vegetable and very light blue.

Small stick person

Black winter cover very Q slips, vegetable can match at will, did not flavor face juice, can oneself use soy, cooking wine and Xian Weisu add to make, with delicate give priority to.
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