Chongqing hemp is hot the practice of small area, how to do delicious
The way that has the Chongqing person with typical later addiction to teach me in Chongqing tried today delicious! ! ! ! Ps: The light in season of friend of cookbook everybody hutch that this cookbook is not major is good. . It is good to feel not authentic not to try (^ ω ^ )

With makings 

Hot pickled mustard tuber
Unripe smoke
Sesame seed
Pink of Chinese prickly ash
Gallinaceous essence
Greenery dish

Chongqing hemp is hot the practice of small area 

  1. Chili breaks with oily small fire scamper becomes chili oil to did not want scamper to pass to want painstakingly otherwise sweet put oil more

  2. Ripe sesame seed is leaving one part to mash with rolling pole partly (do not have ripe sesame seed not to put oil to carbonado with boiler small fire ripe)

  3. Hot pickled mustard tuber cuts broken end

  4. With unripe smoke, salt, candy, gallinaceous essence, green ginger garlic, broken end of hot pickled mustard tuber, pink of Chinese prickly ash, balm, salad oil sesame seed breaks and sesame seed puts composition together


  5. The face that boil and greenery dish, there is the cole that I put rape in the home Chongqing is like is used hollow food

  6. The fish out after the face that boil comes Put the condiment of the 4th measure, chili him oil looks can eat hot ability sheet to put

Small stick person

1 chili is broken must have been used, the difference is very big, , , of my home is a friend sent Thailand chili is extremely sweet

Pink of 2 Chinese prickly ash should use hemp any of several hot spice plants the sort of powder has Ma Jin, (what use this is the pink of hemp any of several hot spice plants that Chongqing brings back)

3 sesame seed mash very be necessary I feel is

This is dry smooth do not take Shang Ye to be able to take Shang Woai to eat dry smooth
I forget say to add chopped green onion feel sorry oh was opposite forget say to added earthnut to break ˊ _> ˋ
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