The practice of ovine blood bean curd, how is ovine blood bean curd done delicious
Drink Yang Shang to like to nod bean curd of blood of a sheep every time, slip slippery tender what tender mouthfeel lets me like is disastrous!
Ovine blood is embedded a variety of protein, basically be haemoglobin, serum albumin, serum globulin and a few fibrin. Still contain the fat such as a few phosphatide, cholesterol additionally kind reach the part such as grape inorganic salt. Advocate wipe blood of naevus of wind of haematemesis, nosebleed, bowel, woman collapse is shown, postpartum bruise, berry of poisonous weeds-harmful speech is traumatic bleed, the accident such as injuries from falls bleeds. Advocate treat postpartum bruise, traumatic haemorrhage, the disease such as injuries from falls. Ovine blood is had hemostatic, dispel Yu effect. Treat haematemesis, nosebleeding blood, blood of alvine wind naevus, woman uterine bleeding, postpartum bruise, traumatic haemorrhage, injuries from falls.
Enrich the blood
Does beneficial enrage: ? ? of few of  of few of V of body of graceful Si of Lai of  of impaludism of paper of ⑹ of toad of melt of ズ of  of  of  of Piao of discharge of brandish of  of Jie of room new moon is contained many and colloid, create plaque, have hemostatic effect. Yu of dispel of invigorate the circulation of blood: Blood of gas of stimulative human body moves, appropriate at treating hematic Yu disease.

With makings 

Ovine blood 1
5 valve
A few
A few
Chinese prickly ash
A few
Do chili
Cooking wine
2 spoon
1 spoon
A few

The practice of ovine blood bean curd 

  1. Ovine blood is cut thick piece, jiang Si, chopped green onion, garlic piece, carrot section, caraway is cut paragraph

    The practice measure of ovine blood bean curd 1
  2. Boiler burns heat, add right amount oil, explode fragrant flower any of several hot spice plants and dry chili, ordinal join Jiang Si, garlic piece, chopped green onion, carrot, break up fry, explode sweet hind join cooking wine and soy, join ovine blood, avoid by all means does not break up fry, want to search an area gently, make every sheep blood sufficient heat, rejoin starch water, been about to have done not have ovine blood can, amylaceous water is not added too much, join salt to flavor, ovine blood becomes angry, can, join caraway finally paragraph, give boiler

    The practice measure of ovine blood bean curd 2
  3. Slip tender tender ovine blood bean curd has been done!

    The practice measure of ovine blood bean curd 3
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