Continous slips the practice of white congee, how does slippery white congee do continous delicious
Want 10 minutes to you can boil the white congee with a slippery continous only? Your photograph? At the beginning I also not, after but oneself try,passing, must believe. This method that boils white congee sees on TV, the feeling is very magical! Normally we boil congee to also want 45 minutes at least, ability can boil the white congee of confluence of rice giving water. But this method wants 10 minutes only really! Its recipe is: Above all will one cup after rice is washed clean, put freezer compartment cold storage to rice to freeze, put in boiled water to boil 10 minutes again next, one boiler is after 10 minutes the white congee that continous slips again. Its principle is: The course is refrigerant, the organization of grain of rice is destroyed, produce the alveolus with each bulbiform bee, bibulous force increases at the same time, after encountering hot water, grain of rice becomes inattentive, the starch in grain of rice begins to become mushy, can boil in short time so piece the white congee that continous slips again.
I tried below the circumstance of uncertainty, the method on in order to boiled 10 minutes, really this moment grain of rice blossoms already completely, flameout rear cover is worn cap again stew 10 minutes, it is completely the white congee that continous slips again, as above graph. Magical! Acquire one move again -- 10 minutes extremely fast law of the congee that boil! Evermore, the freezer of my home can have a small a small refrigerant rice, go to the lavatory to boil congee at any time. Like
Eat congee, freezer puts rice before sleeping in the evening refrigerant, the following day in the morning, it is OK to be taken boiled, very convenient! After white congee has been boiled, the meat that can add you to like kind, for instance congee of congee of pork liver cutlet, leather egg lean lean is waited a moment.

With makings 

Clear water

Continous slips the practice of white congee 

  1. Rice is abluent, load container in, the freezer compartment that puts freezer is refrigerant freeze to rice, need 4 hours about

    Continous slips the practice measure of white congee 1
  2. After clear water conflagration is being put to be boiled in boiler, enter refrigerant rice in boiler

    Continous slips the practice measure of white congee 2
  3. Conflagration is boiled to new boiling, turn after medium baking temperature boils 10 minutes, flameout, the cap on the lid again stew 10 minutes can. If time is insufficient, need not again stew is OK also edible. If time is abundant, the cap on flameout rear cover again stew 10 minutes, the pitch that white congee continous slips will be better

    Continous slips the practice measure of white congee 3
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