? Perfect and duplicate Kendeji Mcdonald's potato? practice
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There is a love to eat snack inn potato in the home fair with baby.
   The potato that turned over next kitchens prescription, fundamental direction is to cut be over first bleb boiled water is boiled again refrigerant.
   The potato that does not know everybody is done every time how, I am molten passes a little while to bend over after doing or blast to be over accordingly every time, or answer blast is become fragile clear Dan Yan color becomes golden color, not be Kfc the sort of flaxen very strong still however potato, it is very not satisfactory every time so.
   Be in all the time think over reason, be to wrap starch? But think the refrigerant potato of the supermarket seem unlike; first has been high temperature baked had perhaps basked in evaporate water portion? Not quite actual.
   Understand semi-manufactured goods potato accidentally the factory makes order, ability discovery is secret, by what do in that way color can keep flaxen, still can outside mouthfeel inside crisp crisp soft soft.
   Next kitchens seem to be returned, send everybody to be shared. Can pat chest to say to child next time, did not buy, come home to be done to you for the woman, same? ? ? ? ? ? ? ! Him blast always compares Kendejili the Lv palm oil of the face or the health with fat cattle became much.
   The proposal does a dot to put freezer to freeze more ahead of schedule, eat now show flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil, 5 minutes OK scamper is good go up desk! Super province time!

With makings 

Tomato patch
A certain number of
A few
As far as possible corn is oily

? Perfect and duplicate Kendeji Mcdonald's potato? practice 

  1. Husk tomato patch, end up is cut. Master degree of finish according to him taste, should cut those who compare your ideal is again a bit thicker, because scamper is over,meet " thin " circuit. Still degree of finish wants even! Delimit key!

    ? Perfect and duplicate Kendeji Mcdonald's potato? practice measure 1
  2. Teach to had compared control method: Cut one knife first, finish day of this tangent plane next, let potato " sit " in board on, cut thickness to agree again piece. all potato the knife changes to cut again after section. Cut more easily so even

    ? Perfect and duplicate Kendeji Mcdonald's potato? practice measure 2
  3. The potato that cuts the starch that rinses a surface 9 times with water is washed, next whole turns on the water in immerse a few minutes. Can you go to this paragraph of time look for boiler to heat hot water (* ü *) ? ?

    ? Perfect and duplicate Kendeji Mcdonald's potato? practice measure 3
  4. The water quantity in boiler crosses all potato with can be being done not have to allow, spill one gather salt, heat water.
    The potato that drop issues to do water after boiling, 0.5-1 is boiled after boiling again minute fish out (according to your potato time of control of degree of finish) air is cool stand-by.

    ? Perfect and duplicate Kendeji Mcdonald's potato? practice measure 4
  5. the potato with cool air people. Potato fish out is direct air is cool go! Need not cross cold water to do not have a meaning. Because have heat moisture content,can evaporate very quickly to become relaxed.

    ? Perfect and duplicate Kendeji Mcdonald's potato? practice measure 5
  6. The potato that puts to had been boiled here condition. Color changes appear slightly, whole is hard still, but had certain flexibility. Do not boil certainly too cross soft! Delimit key! Too soft scamper is over the meeting is oily! Normal potato the practice should be put into freezer quick-freeze namely to this one pace, but we not! Make it follows Kfc potato same little secret came

    ? Perfect and duplicate Kendeji Mcdonald's potato? practice measure 6
  7. Before we eat refrigerator many measure: ? Oil of ° of?87 of Mei of cowardly of  of mould of Xia of ∈ of Liang of day ㄒ pagoda tree is lukewarm, I feel need not so rigorous, small fire heats to insert chopsticks to risk small bubble to be able to enter boiler in, the effervescent degree to the graph is OK. A few for many times, the oil that decides you can have done not have potato scamper is made! Delimit key! (in small fire is to show outer lane blaze just stabilizes the rate that lights)

    ? Perfect and duplicate Kendeji Mcdonald's potato? practice measure 7
  8. From just entered the big hubble-bubble with concentrated boiler slowly decrescent, potato meeting slowly float come up, all the time scamper arrives potato those who change is very hard very hard OK fish out. (with potato wall of sharp jab boiler can be experienced) the potato with good blast if pursue, still do not have chromatically, the surface begins to remove a lot of small hubble-bubble. Although very hard but bend over with respect to meeting molten a little while too

    ? Perfect and duplicate Kendeji Mcdonald's potato? practice measure 8
  9. Put after scamper is good group by group cool. Next bagging is put into freezer refrigerant. (potato the factory is scamper is over after stoving - 5 ° keep in storage is carried, we are fastened so troublesome throw freezer directly, 18 ℃ of – that case, proposal 1-2 eat inside the month, again long word does not have fresh potato that fragrance)

    ? Perfect and duplicate Kendeji Mcdonald's potato? practice measure 9
  10. Such preparative works came to an end, those who remain is to follow eat follow blast. It is already refrigerant on the graph the semi-manufactured goods potato that be over. (potato the white that go up is the austerity that aspic comes out, not be starch is breathed out! )

    ? Perfect and duplicate Kendeji Mcdonald's potato? practice measure 10
  11. Into oil small fire heats to insert chopsticks in boiler effervescent, fall next refrigerant the potato that pass (need not defrost) , a few for many times scamper is made, the oil that assures you can have done not have potato ha! The young associate of oil is afraid of spurt people write down the Gaidafa that get boiler! Ha, put potato on equestrian upper cover, wait for spurt to splash that is flashy went to be opened again arrange potato, ensure all was not in oil.

    ? Perfect and duplicate Kendeji Mcdonald's potato? practice measure 11
  12. At the beginning potato the meeting is soft soft, patient blast, wait for scamper to arrive potato those who change is hard hard give boiler again! Must scamper arrives harden ha, if cut inhomogenous word scoops up which forcedly which first, soft soft potato taste can oily. Must oneself master hard strong position, do not force I drive ha

    ? Perfect and duplicate Kendeji Mcdonald's potato? practice measure 12
  13. Good by true measure blast potato it is won't oily, and chromatically also won't deep

    ? Perfect and duplicate Kendeji Mcdonald's potato? practice measure 13
  14. Salt is spilled after scamper is over, next bump, make salt evener. Many of my blast, it is to be in what this one situation has in filter oil sieve to breath out commonly. Can deserve to go up next ketchup actuate!

    ? Perfect and duplicate Kendeji Mcdonald's potato? practice measure 14
  15. Did little secret authority learn to do not have? What where to understand is OK leave a message ask me. The comparison that such blast give is fragile, even if put long eating again also is way of muscle muscle way the sort of, won't soft bend over. Was opposite, ketchup recommends flavour good beauty, be close to the flavour of snack inn quite.

    ? Perfect and duplicate Kendeji Mcdonald's potato? practice measure 15

Small stick person

Measure 9 with 10 lis, refrigerant the biggest effect is to go to the lavatory store! If be worn urgently,eating word can omit refrigerant measure, wait for what scamper is over the first times to put cool can follow blast the 2nd times! Color may a little deep little, do not affect taste mouthfeel nevertheless.

1.I am tagged for many times for what a few for many times, want oil to had done not have potato. Because " scamper " the principle should help food namely slowly force cent giving water becomes fragile. Bineili wants the temperature of fat face tall, if oil has not done not have food to heat, that cries " decoct " , it is to make food surface anxious fragile, inside in the cooking method that retains moisture however, bean curd of decoct of similar decoct beefsteak of what.
2.Small fire is outer lane blaze just stabilizes the rate that lights in, this firepower compares moderate. If fire became small temperature is low, potato can turn over directional oil absorption, scamper comes out to meet very oily. If fire became big oily Wen Gao, can force chromatically begins before coming out to become fragile in moisture, the meeting is burnt. In remembering using so small fire, waited for oil to heat up issue potato again.
3.Do not cut tomato patch too fine, a bit thicker more delicious, be outside fragile inside glutinous the sort of. But without giving thought to degree of finish, should cut as far as possible even!
4.The 2nd when alling over scamper, do not suggest to fall at a draught too much ha, good because of aspic potato very cool, put into the itself in hot oil to be able to take away one part quantity of heat, if put oil of too much heat to also become cool at a draught oily, meeting blast is not fragile!
5.The secret spoken parts in an opera as Kfc flavour deepfry passes first before eating refrigerator namely, do not omit this one step is very important, not only refrigerant be over take potato won't adhesion, and still very province time! Want to the belt that connect scamper is taken to spill salt when eating, a few minutes can be done calm! Cannot more bright, want to eat to eat Hhhh, the darling that is afraid of oil is OK scamper is over to suck next oil to spill salt again with kitchen paper
? Promise me to must see a character carefully describe Da?

List scamper to be over finally not fragile very oily possibility:
Those who cut is too fine those who boil is too long too soft
Oil is lukewarm low
Scamper when close fire to rely on Yu Wen first " bubble " ripe potato
Potato breed, do not use as far as possible the sort of for nothing the potato of soft glutinous glutinous
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